Jan 31

Radiation Released from Nuclear Reactor near Chicago, Media Oblivious

I just got home and checked Energy News for the latest on the radioactive nightmare in Japan.  Instead, I saw article after article about a smoking transformer and the release of radiation at an aging nuclear plant in Illinois.

Nuke Plant Spokeswoman: “Smoke was seen coming from an auxiliary transformer but the fire department found no fire” -Reuters

NRC: “Not a huge concern” at nuke plant outside Chicago — Employees reported seeing smoke coming from transformer after outage, no fire found

Reporters at Byron Press Conference: A lot of people are calling us about a loud noise — Was a special emergency response team on scene?

Fireman Eyewitness: “It looked like a lot of smoke coming from containment building” at Byron nuclear plant — Had to be told it was steam — Original call said a building at Byron nuclear plant was filling up with smoke 

Reporter Appears Suspicious: Isn’t it unusual for fire dept. to be called to Byron nuclear plant for a release of steam? 

I checked on Google News and this is what I found on the front page:

Romney ridicules Gingrich on eve of Florida vote

Syrian troops retake control of suburbs outside Damascus

Occupy DC protesters vow to carry on despite camping regulations

Patience Pays Off for Zuck, Facebook

Super Bowl Capsule: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots

Occupy Oakland demonstrations, arrests inject new life into movement

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Bill Bard says:

Not the sort of thing that the MSM would chase up.   Too close to home.

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