Feb 12

Don’t Like War? New Policy Could Make You a Terrorist

By Keith Johnsondave Holder vs. Humanitarian Law Project

Anti-war groups in the Midwest claim they are being harassed by the FBI and say they will not cooperate with a U.S. attorney’s ongoing investigation of 23 peace activists who are accused of providing “material support for terrorism.”

On Sept. 24, 2010 the FBI raided the homes of several activists in Minneapolis and Chicago. Computers, cameras, phones, political literature and other property was seized—but no arrests were made. Instead, subpoenas were served ordering the activists to produce documents to a grand jury relating to their travel and contacts in the Middle East and South America. To this day, the government is still harassing them, even going so far as to try to prosecute several for helping groups the U.S. State Department has labeled “terrorist.”

AFP recently spoke with Bruce Nestor, a civil rights attorney in Minneapolis, who represents some of the activists. “The primary focus of the government’s investigation is the Palestinian solidarity movement and those who have publicly expressed support for the Colombian rebel movement FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia),” said Nestor. “Everybody that received a subpoena declined to respond, asserting their privilege under the Fifth Amendment.”

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Bill Bard says:

If you don’t approve of state sponsored murder and criminality you are a terrorist.  What fucking BULLSHIT, and twisted logic.


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