Feb 29

Googel may breach EU Data protection law

In a letter to Google CEO Larry Page today, French data protection regulator CNILhas warned  Google’s new privacy policy appears to violate the European Union’s data protection rules.

As our research published today shows, nine in ten people haven’t read the policy, with 47% of people who use a Google service regularly not knowing any change was being proposed.

The way Google collects and uses personal information has been a concern for privacy groups around the world, and the new policy will allow Google to combine everything it knows about you to better target advertisements – which is after all how it makes its money.

We have called for the company to not implement the new policy until its impact is fully understood and consumers can be confident there is adequate privacy protection in place.

Now CNIL have renewed their request to pause implementation of the policy pending a full review, saying Europe’s data protection authorities “are deeply concerned about the combination of personal data cross services.” As we have also highlighted, the new privacy policy’s vague wording was cited as being difficult to understand “even for trained privacy professionals”.

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