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Reincarnation – Why do some people still doubt it? – My Story.

By Steve / philosophers-stone.co.uk

Reincarnation – Why do some people still doubt it?

I remember parts of previous lives as if they were yesterday. For those that doubt me and think this is just a dream or an illusion I say to you I am certain – I have no doubt what-so-ever. My memory has been with me since before birth.

Furthest back memories.

I’m living and working in a desert city.  I’m not sure where in the world, I don’t think that mattered. My task was maintaining water channels, walls, ditches and paths. I remember talk and tales of troubles in a distant town by the sea and then that town falling to an unknown enemy with a seemingly supernatural power. A weapon that would turn sane people mindless, forget who they were and become like empty vessels, that acted like robots. I remember that strange unknown enemy getting closer and closer to our town and people being evacuated to the hills. But many of us staying to fight, not truly believing the outrageous stories of the strange enemy with the power to turn people mad. When they did finally arrive – it was true, they had some ray of madness creating sound and light that made people lose their minds completely. The machine was followed by a mass of our own kind, that had been turned against us by the madness machine, and our own people were now fighting against us alongside the strange enemy, not knowing who we were or even remembering who they were. War and fighting was unknown and we had no idea what to expect. When it came to the actual battle, the fight was over very quickly. It was hopeless, we had no chance.  We couldn’t attack our mindless friends from the far off town by the sea. We had sticks, rocks and shovels against them – but these poor mindless men couldn’t remember who they were. It was hopeless. Life as we knew it was over for a thousand years or more and as the end came we were making plans telepathically for thousands of years in the future. We chose to die that day, rather than be changed into mindless slaves.

Estimated age at death 27

I think there is at least one other life in here at this point, but I don’t remember much about it. It was in the forest/jungle. I believe it was the happiest of all lives anyone could have. I remember later asking if I could return, but being told if I did I would never bother to come back? (back to the place between lives)

In my latest 2 lives some parts seem intermixed and I can’t separate them clearly to be sure which parts belong to which lives except for my deaths. So some details may be swapped.

Life, last but one.

A house with a cobbled court yard and geese. I remember playing in the yard when I was young and if I was naughty being threatened with the “goosetin”. The “goosetin” has stayed with me into this life and I used to say it when I was just young enough to speak. I had nightmares about the “goosetin” upto the age of about 4. I now remember what the “goose tin” was. It was a tray that was put under a hanging goose after they’d killed it and then cut its throat to drain the blood out. No wonder it gave me nightmares when I was little. I don’t think the goose was for us, I think it was for the people in the “big house”. I think my mother worked for the house.

I think both lives started off very similar and that’s why I can’t quite put all the bits in order. In one, I lived in a small room attached to a courtyard which was in the grounds of a bigger house, and the other was a tiny cottage in a woodland. When I was old enough to work, 7 or 8 I believe, I had to stand and wait against a wall at the bottom of some steps. An older girl aged about 12 or 13 was “in charge”. She used to give out messages to the kid on the top step, who would then have to run and deliver the message somewhere in the town. The messages came from a dark room at the top of the steps, from a big fat man that sat behind a desk that we hardly ever saw. When the kid on the top stair ran off, we’d all move up a step and wait for the next message. We got paid by the person we deliver the message to. As time went on and I got older it was possible to start higher up the stairs and the younger kids started at the bottom, the older kids got to know and pick the better jobs. Only “special” kids got to go through the door into the room with the fat man behind the desk that wrote the messages. When I got to about 12 I remember being told I could collect the messages from the fat man and give them out to the kids on the stair. I could be in charge of the kids and hand out the messages but I’d have to be “nice” to that horrible creepy fat man. I didn’t like that idea and ran away. I told the blacksmith and that caused problems. The fat man got into serious trouble and had to leave. It seemed that no one liked the fat man but most were scared of him. I think he was in charge of the town, I’m not sure. He had lots of books and used to write in a big book. It seemed that’s all he did. After that, I then got a job helping the blacksmith. I had to fetch water, pump bellows and help out generally around the place. The blacksmith was a popular man and I got to know a lot of people and listen to “secrets”. The blacksmith was the man people came to when they had problems with “officials”. That ended up getting the blacksmith taken away. I think he was plotting with others against the rulers of the day. He never came back and I had to do bits of blacksmithing, until one day I was attacked and stabbed by others looking for the blacksmith believing I was him – or simply because I knew him.

Estimated age at death 24.

My last previous Life.

I remember remembering my blacksmith life and realizing about reincarnation. I remembered all sorts of things about previous lives and told everyone. Everyone thought I was mad. I remember trying to convince everybody about the battle in the desert and how we all agreed to come back when the strange people had gone and we could all be ourselves again. Everybody thought I was mad. I told stories of lives in the woods, or of the city in the desert and that we all live forever. Everyone thought I was mad. I remember all I wanted to do was to try and remind people what they’d all forgotten, I thought everyone had been affected by that madness machine in the desert and it had made them forget who they were. I kept on and on. I think one or two people started to believe me but most didn’t and in the end I mostly lived in my head, I was in despair. Why could no-one remember?  All that was left was me with my memories and I didn’t bother with most people because they all thought I was mad. I was sent to work. I’m not totally sure where but I think it was at the top of a coal mine, filling sacks and carts with coal. There was a conveyor or shoot where the coal would drop from a height onto a mound and then I’d have to go in and shovel it out. The people there thought I was mad because I kept talking about past lives and getting very upset because they didn’t remember our plans from the desert. In the end one of the men said if there are such things – prove it, why don’t you kill yourself and prove it to us. I stood under the next load of coal to drop from the shoot.

Estimated age at death 15.

Between that life and this…

That last life was horrible, everyone thought I was mad. I just had tons of coal fall on me, yet here I was talking to a woman who understood that it was frightening for me and that I should take some time, lay down and rest a while. I remember lying down on a hard slab? and resting and sleeping? then when I woke, several people were around discussing their next lives and what was to happen. Little groups gathering excited about incarnating for this “last time”. (Now I’m not sure here if this is my last time – or “The” last time). There were lots and lots of people asking for places? Wanting to help, join in – in this “last time”. Lots of excited meetings of what was to happen. Before you are born, you plan your life with “friends” and you work together on a theme. The people you meet, the things that happen you’ve already planned to some degree. When you are born you usually forget all the plans and the big shiny world does its best to make you forget. You can’t bring all those last life memories with you – it would make you insane. When you decide to enter the next life you simply go to sleep and wake up just a few hours before you’re about to come out. You find yourself inside your mother and being born.

While I was being born, I had horrible thoughts of my previous life. I didn’t take enough time from that previous life to relax and get over it. It’s my fault, I was asked if I was sure I was ready – I said I was, but now it came to it – I really didn’t want to be born into all that again. I refused to be born and went back (to the place between lives). I was persuaded that it wasn’t just my life I’d be affecting, but my mother’s life too, and she hadn’t chosen to have a baby that died. I really needed to carry on, this was after all the last time and there are so many people waiting to try and get a place. So, reluctantly I was born, fully aware and remembering what had just happened, fully conscious but in the body of a baby. Nothing worked properly I had no control – it was scary. Then I got my senses together and had a look around. I knew and understood everything that was going on around me. I remembered all the things I had to do… but how could I do them like this – in this body, in this little caravan (I lived in a caravan for a short while after I was born). I still try to convince others that I was fully conscious at birth. I tell my mother about things that happened when I was only a few months old.

The same woman/voice/feeling that came to me after my last death – when the coal fell on me (I’ve never seen her) just know her, she told me that I’d have to forget now and just do “normal” things until it’s time to do what I’d come for. Just be normal…. I’m still struggling with that…. I don’t know what normal is.

– Steve



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  1. Justina

    sounds like you were exposed to spirits of the dead who got chummy enough with your subconscious, and perhaps you had zero shielding and normal boundaries were nearly nonexistent, so you picked up their memories and confused your identity with theirs.

    Steve Reply:


    Sorry to disappoint, its not like that. What I describe is as real as the desk in front of you. We are eternal… and none of that religious bs. You’ll see one day ;-) and I’ll say …. told you so.

  2. Eamon

    While I do not doubt the authenticity of these accounts, they are inadmissible as actual proof of reincarnation. Although I know people who claim to possess actual proof of reincarnation, even an enormous number of such stories would not, in se, prove anything. IOW, although I mean absolutely no disrespect, stories are not proof and it does no one any good to confuse the two. If the goal is to prove reincarnation, it is much wiser and more effective to rely solely upon solid, rational proofs.

    Steve Reply:


    Agreed. You don’t know me, when I tell you that this is 100% genuine – how do you know – that’s the problem.

  3. Theodore M. Seeber

    One potential interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, is that only atheists are reincarnated. If you have a yidyam (savior, though that’s a very lose translation), you have the ability to go to the place of your yidyam and make this your last incarnation.

    Given that interpretation, isn’t it possible with such great yidyams as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Satan, and the like, that *most* people today aren’t reincarnated, but escape the cycle on their very first try?

    Steve Reply:

    @Theodore M. Seeber,

    I only remember the “in between” of my last life and this current life, but it was “fully booked” I don’t know why I was able to jump the queue – but unfortunately my place was waiting.

  4. Barbra

    You are a celestial. With those memories of such ancient events you have to be a celestial. Nice to meet you. WE came back to help the world and mankind shift/ascend. The dark cabal know us by our energy signature and they fear us which is why our lives have been harder than most. Stay strong and true. It’s almost time to go home. If that is your choice. :) Thank you for sharing your lives with us. It is one of my most favorite things to do. Talk from memories about the most ancient past.

    Steve Reply:


    Thank you. I was reluctant to share publicly because my previous life efforts were challenging to say the least…. this time round…. I don’t give a shit – its the truth and that’s that.

  5. David Cardin

    “Why do people still doubt”? Boy you showed ‘em, didn’t you, where do I sign up? Your proof should make everyone believe now.

    Steve Reply:

    @David Cardin,

    Absolute fact. But unless you know me – you can’t be sure… unfortunately – but that’s my struggle.

  6. NotoriousRoscoe

    My wife died December 5, 2010, and on October 15, 2011, she began her next life. That morning, she joyfully called one of her dear friends cell phones using her old telephone number — which had long before been reassigned to another customer — and I heard her first newborn cry from her empty spot in our bed two minutes after I woke up — and after I’d put on my trousers. That wail was so loud, it vibrated the glass on a picture hanging on the wall in front of me. She must have known how much trouble I’d had with her untimely death from post-polio syndrome and wanted me to know that particular death was just a relief — and she’s fine. Thanks, baby.

    Steve Reply:


    Soon there will be no death as such because all the fear will be taken away. We are eternal – when we ALL get it at last…. its party time ;-)

  7. sassa

    Thank you, very interesting and clear recall…

    Steve Reply:

    Thank you.

  8. jhpace1

    Perhaps people do not believe in reincarnation because the Bible in the New Testament in Hebrews 9:27 says “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment”. There is no reincarnation in the Bible,and thus Judeo-Christian believers do not give reincarnation any validity. John the Baptist heartily denied being Elijah the Old Testament prophet returned, even though Jesus Himself said that John had come in the spirit of Elijah, as prophesied. But John was not physically or mentally Elijah, merely acting as an Elijah, a prophet.

    These people with memories of “past lives” are either picking up subconscious knowledge, or knowledge given from an unknown source, possibly demonic, not “reaching back” to prior life existence. Such actions are incompatible with Christianity.

    Steve Reply:


    Oh shit…. burn me at the stake ;-(
    Yikes…….. Oh it just that religious b.s.

  9. Luke

    Most splendid! There are very precise explanations to many of the points that you have laid out in this article, and i feel really refreshed to read such a story of someone conscious (that is the word, the reason why you remember, and the others dont; its a virtuos gift given to peoploe that for some reason or another earned it, and not everyone in this day have it) enough to remember so far back in his existence line. Yes, i have no fear, nor do i think this is anything remotely close top being weird or madtalk. I don’t remember as many things as you do, but i certainly always treated anything with the ‘supernatural’

    Steve Reply:


    Thank you Luke, pleased to meet you ;-)


  10. Justina

    re memories solid reality feeling – not relevant to my remark.

    re vidyams – I recall reading that there is an old euro pagan idea that at death one goes to hang with the “deity” one was closest to, haunted grave mounds and so forth. Also the opinion of wonder worker (before and after his death) St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Franciso (Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia){ that at death, if you have been accompanied by some spirit a lot you likely will end up with that spirit, which may not be pleasant as he said.

    Now, if false dietyhood claiming entities, and satan himself, are going to be overthrown by Jesus Christ at His Second Coming it follows that you don’t
    want to be in the retinue of them.

    Though modern protestant Christianity opposes prayer for the dead, and RC distinguish between purgatory and hell, which is not indicatable by Scripture or ancient preschism (AD 1054) church tradition based on interpretation of Scripture and reported experiences of some who visited after death and others who had visions, Eastern Orthodox are divided on whether prayer for the dead is for ALL or only for believers who might have been delayed on their trip to heaven. Liturgical evidence is more to the former.

    So get with Christ and pray for the dead. The phone call story is not without precedent, but I don’t know how the baby cry fits in, this was from the bed not the phone. what was said on the phone? just the called ID no voice? The baby cry may have had some meaning other than reincarnation, especially since any paranormal power of the dead would be lost on becoming incarnate again, and a baby wouldn’t have its brains functioning enough to remember to send a message. Other possibility, deception to keep you in line with the reincarnation idea.

    The dead are mostly unable to contact us, some rare exceptions exist like to
    most things. often they were saints or people seeking help in the form of prayers to get them out of hell.

    An interesting story, I forget where I read it. Some little out of the way village had been without a priest for a couple of generations, people were married and having children without marriage ceremonies and baptisms. They prayed for a priest to come, someone came, did the formalities, signed the books, and went away. No church reported sending anyone, and the signature was Nicholas of Myra – a famous saint with a reputation for continuing involvement in things on earth, dead for over a thousand years.

  11. Barbra

    Theodore, some have escaped the reincarnation cycle by enlightenment. However, some of us are here on a volunteer basis. Why? Earth and humanity are at stake as well as the rest of this universe. What happens here happens everywhere. Also, this is a momentous occasion. This has never happened before in the history of histories! We have tried before and failed. Not this time. Earth and humanity is ascending. lol Steve said he jumped line to come back…..everyone has pulled out the stops to be here on earth at this time. The ominverse is watching earth! If you could see around our planet right now the amount of ships would blow your mind. :)) Anyone feeling their light bodies yet?

  12. Anna

    To Steve:

    “I remember later asking if I could return, but being told if I did I would never bother to come back? (back to the place between lives)”

    Why would you not “bother to come back”, would you never die again ?

    And why would anyone called “mad” kill themselves, to prove what ? (If that is what you mean standing under the shoot of coal)

    And what “secrets” did you learn from the blacksmith?
    Sorry to be so curious !

    I am not sure myself about re-incarnation.Just not enough details for me to believe it is not just a “genetic memory thing” from the many stories I have heard myself.
    I have my own “memories” which were very strange, starting when I was 12.Only flashes when being somewhere etc.And my youngest son definitely did not want to be born, for sure.! But being as I am ,I need more facts. If someone re-incarnated ever explained a certain (maybe now extinct) custom/trade/recipe/medicine/alchemy/historical knowledge solving mysteries/ancient knowledge lost etc. in great detail and could actually remember how ,and depending what, recreate it, I would be more convinced Until now this not been the case.I am open to being corrected on this though.

    Steve Reply:

    Reincarnation is a fact. For some reason most people don’t seem to remember past lives and I can’t answer why that should be. You do hear that some people have past life regression (hypnosis I think) but I don’t know how reliable that is. I really do wish I could prove it to you, but how ? Perhaps trying to remember your earliest memory as a baby and then going back a bit at a time ? Perhaps you could try regression ?

  13. RoscoJones

    I do believe in reincarnation, only not as most people understand it. My view comes from a combination of the Jane Roberts/Seth books and multiverse concepts. We all have oversouls that are focused in the 4D portion of reality, where we are living (focused) in the 3D portion. When we “die”, we leave the 3D and move on to the 4D.

    One of the big differences between the two, is the perception of time and space. Here we can look around and view 3D objects separated from us by distance and direction. All of the different spatial locations exist simultaneously in the moment. If we so desire, we can move to a chosen location, taking time to make the change. In the 4D realm, in addition to the simultaneous spatial locations, we also have simultaneous temporal locations. IE: The past, present and future are all happening at the same time.

    A soul living in the 4D my desire to live another 3D life and be born again. Part of the soul is used to give life to the child being born. The child lives a new life with guidance from their “sponsor” soul, who now acts as an oversoul or guardian angel. An oversoul may decide to be born in different times and have existence in multiple times simultaneously. So, past lives may not be a life you lived “before”, but lives you are living now in different times.

    That’s just a quick intro to this line of thought, but I hope you get the idea.

    Steve Reply:

    I don’t subscribe to “part” soul – that can’t happen.

  14. Steve

    As you drop down through the densities/ layers of consciousness to exist here now its is so dense, hateful, selfish and as far out as it is possible to be while still retaining some human traits. Wading through the ignorance is painful. But I am here by choice… no one left behind and all that.

    The ultimate proof that I believed the tales I told was to stand under that coal shoot and certain death. After telling everyone that death is only physical and we go on for ever – what other proof would you suggest could convey such conviction.

    I can only say my truth, I’m not standing under the coal shoot again – because I ain’t coming back. Wakey wakey… all aboard. Not long now ;-)

  15. RoscoJones

    “Part of the soul is used to give life to the child being born.”
    I don’t subscribe to “part” soul – that can’t happen.

    If we are part of God and God is part of us, doesn’t that cover a soul in the afterlife extending a portion of their selves to initiate a new reincarnational life? I would like to hear your explanation for how one life ends and another begins. You may have an understanding that I have not had the opportunity to be exposed to.

    The idea of a soul beginning a new life without losing the identity it has developed it their own life if foreign to me. If I understand correctly, you look at your other reincarnational lives as having occurred sequentially. This would be one after the other, beginning with the one most distant in the past. This is a linear view of time with the past gone and dead, and the future being real only in our imaginations.

    My view of time has a simultaneous nature. Every time exists at once (4D). We, in 3D, world know that all locations exist at once or simultaneously. We can choose to change where we live and move there to begin a part of our life with a different environment and different potential experiences. Just because we change location does not mean that we lose the part of use that lived prior to the move.

    Our immediate afterlife is to the next level or to a 4D level. Time here is pretty much the same as location is to us here. You can choose to move to to different temporal locations. We choosing to move into a new life, the choice of when is completely open. You can choose to live in any time, the past, present or future. Multiple lives in different times are all happening now, just in different temporal locations. After all, NYC, London, Peking and other cities all exist simultaneously, even though you cannot experience more than one at a time. Pretty much the same thing, eh? The past and future are not set. Different worldlines branch out at each moment, in all times.

    All of this is just how I view the concept of reincarnation would fit in with current views of a multidimensional reality. I really would appreciate hearing your comments on these ideas.

    Steve Reply:


    The soul does not split. Yes, I look at lives sequentially because that is how they appear…. one after the other. We are not “part” of anything we are the whole of everything. The perception is fragmentation – which is wrong. IMHO

  16. Anna

    “wakey wakey ? Well, I suppose I am too rational ! Anybody can say anything but still no proof (rather like so many “beliefs” ?) I see you cannot give us more details, no “secrets” etc, I will just have to believe it all on “faith” based on your personal experience ?
    Oh and regression? well as I said in first post this has never given any proof either ,yes I researched, as I said no “details” (of history, recipes, lost trades, knee-jerking revelations) worth anything to anyone which yes to me would be at least, on the way, to being “converted”)

    Steve Reply:

    Absolutely you should not believe me. Unless you know for yourself it is always just someone else opinion… very similar to religion and all that bs. My question is why doesn’t everyone remember past lives ? I find it very difficult to understand how people don’t even remember their birth, let alone previous lives. That is weird to me.

    I’m not out to convert. It really makes no difference to me if you believe me or not. I have nothing to lose or gain either way. I offer my story as my absolute truth, but it must always be your decision to decide to pursue your own memory and question why you don’t remember your birth/ previous lives.

    I’ telling you the truth, I do not lie, but you would have to know me to know that.

  17. RoscoJones


    The soul does not split. Yes, I look at lives sequentially because that is how they appear…. one after the other. We are not “part” of anything we are the whole of everything. The perception is fragmentation – which is wrong. IMHO

    The soul does not split.

    1. So, you are saying that once a life is over, that persona not longer exists, except as a background memory of a life and personality that terminates it’s existence at death?

    2. Are new souls coming into existence constantly or were there only so many created in the beginning? There are more people alive today than have lived in the totality of our existence. So I guess new souls are being created. How and why are they all here now?

    I look at lives sequentially because that is how they appear.

    3. I hate to say it this way, but that is only how they appear to you. I can only suggest that you do some research on the simultaneous nature of time in a mufti-dimensional framework. This may give you a new perspective in which to view your past live experiences. This is a point that I will not attempt to sway your views on right now.

    There are no absolute truths, when it comes to opinions. We each form our opinions based upon our personal experiences, second hand opinions and how we interpret both. Opinions change with new experiences and additional information. Opinions are not static, but dynamic and ever changing.

  18. Dane Arr

    Anna, Rosco, et al

    Belief requires context, the lack of any theoretical structure that allows consciousness to be understood or adequately explained is the problem with “past lives”. It cannot be the lack of personal experience that prevents one from accepting it as fact.

    After all, do you doubt the existence of all other things that you have never seen?

    It is context that makes a topic believable or not, and the scientific paradigm has been carefully crafted to exclude any support for the invisible, a realm deliberately left to the church and their demonic theology.

    Past lives are as real. It is not truth that is missing, it is the ability to explain how past lives are real that is missing. IMO, a mathematical theory of vibrations or frequencies that can be used equally well to explain intuition or intellect is required.

    As the days of this age grow short and our solar system’s passage through the ecliptic plane of the Milky Way Galaxy infuses our space with high frequency particles, the higher frequency space is a new context, one that bypasses the intellectual distortion imposed by Scientific Objectivism and it is allowing people to unify all of their experiences into a single coherent truth.

    Then you will understand and believe in past lives as readily as you believe in yesterday. You were there, you lived it and that context will be the only one needed.


  19. Vee

    I know death of the body is not the end of who we really are. I know we come from another ‘place’. I also know we are here for many reasons, and that choice and free will is ours. We have many experiences which may be thought of as memories from a certain time, place and so forth but everyone of us is part of the same time, part of the whole, and we are each a unique part of everything that is, ever has been and ever will be. Do not ask me how I know, I just do, it is a sense of knowing rather than ego.

    Loved reading your account Steve :0)

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