Feb 26

U.S. Advisors Killed in “Execution-Style” Shooting

Right: Entrance to the Interior Ministry compound in Kabul.

The shooting of two senior military advisors in the Afghan Interior Ministry marks a new low in the steady deterioration in NATO’s occupation of Afghanistan.

The gunman who killed the two American advisors on Saturday reportedly despatched both with execution style shots to the back of the head.

The shootings took place inside the heavily fortified Interior Ministry compound in Kabul, one of the most tightly guarded buildings in the city.

The Afghan authorities and NATO forces are still searching for the gunman who has been identified as Abdul Rahman.

Reports that copies of the Quran were being burned at an American airbase are thought to have prompted the shooting. Meanwhile a wave of protests has swept the country as even apolitical Afghans have taken to the streets in protest over the burning of Islam’s holy book.

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  1. Terry

    Seems to me like a highly successfully special forces operation to take out enemy targets.

    What goes around comes around; nothing to see here folks.

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