Feb 17

What’s Next After Monsanto Found Guilty in French Poisoning Case?

By Madison Ruppert / Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

In a major victory, the massive global corporation known as Monsanto, based in the United States, was found guilty of chemical poisoning in France.

This landmark decision opens up the possibility of more cases being brought against Monsanto across the globe with a real chance of victory; something which many people (myself included) could have never imagined previously.

Paul Francois, a 47-year-old French grain farmer, sued Monsanto after he was poisoned by one of the corporation’s many herbicidal products back in 2004, in this case it was the product called “Lasso.”

“Monsanto is responsible for Paul Francois’s suffering after he inhaled the Lasso product … and must entirely compensate him,” read the judgment from the court in Lyon, a city in southeastern France.

Francois inhaled Lasso after he opened a herbicide sprayer in 2004, after which he became nauseous and dizzy and began stuttering. He then developed headaches and muscular pains which made him unable to work for a year.

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