Feb 17

Why you can’t trust what the media say about our government

by: David Gutierrezmedia

(NaturalNews) You probably already know not to trust what the news media says about big corporations, which after all are their owners — for example, Disney owns ABC, and General Electric holds stake in NBC. Now Harvard law professor and political activist Larry Lessig has released a Venn diagram that strikingly demonstrates the close connections between U.S. media and government.

See the diagram yourself at:


The most illustrative name on the diagram is that of Meredith Baker, currently a high-ranking lobbyist for Comcast-NBC. As a young woman, Baker interned at the State Department under then-Secretary of State James A. Baker III (who would later become her father-in-law). She later became a lawyer, specializing in corporate law. When her former State Department boss, Steven Barry, took a job at the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, she followed him and secured a position as a lobbyist (“director of congressional affairs”). This was followed by a job at a telecommunications firm and another lobbying position.

Baker worked on George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign, and Bush subsequently appointed her first to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, then to deputy assistant secretary of the Commerce Department.

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