Mar 03

Eric Sprott: 500 million ounces of Paper Silver dumped this last week

Everybody needs to get everyone they know to at least buy One Ounce of Silver! Have your neighbor/family/friends spend $40 for Silver. Sprott 500 million ounces of Paper Silver dumped this last week.

Those who keep manipulating the metals markets, dumped 500 million ounces of Silver this pass week on the markets.  Eric Sprott revealed that fact on King World News. Another article on Gata has the fact that China is part of the suppression of metals.  If the hedge funds who invest in the metals don’t take physical and are willing to keep a piece of paper saying they have metals then the suppression will go on forever.  It also states if the mining companies don’t understand the true value of their products then the manipulation will keep going and going.

I am now asking everyone, to have their neighbors/friends/family buy One Ounce of Silver.  Also do you need to buy a present for someone?  Give them an ounce of Silver!  Don’t go and buy some piece of clothing or anything else, buy an ounce of silver and give it to another for their birthday/anniversary etc.  Start giving something that is of complete value.

We the public can get the manipulation to end by educating others and by having people spend $40 only on something that is real and something that will be worth much more in the future.

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