Mar 26

Fox News Pushes For Strike on Iran

The warmongers at Fox have obviously been working overtime.

Fox News recently reported that Iran had warned: “There Are Secret Weapons Yet Unknown to the West”. And there beneath the heading were the words: “next attack will be much more devastating than the attacks in India and Bangkok”.

That’s what it read although by the time you read this Fox News may have changed the wording as it’s all too obvious.

Nonetheless, that very quote was picked up by other websites (1,  2,  3, 4) and if true constitutes an admission by Iran of involvement in the recent terror attacks in Bangkok and India.

Fox claims the quote comes from an article that appeared on Saturday March 24 on Fars News and attributes the words to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameni. Yet a search for that quote or anything remotely like it on the day in question reveals nothing of the kind.

The only quote near that date that appeared on both Fox and Fars News from Iran’s Supreme Leader reads: “We do not possess a nuclear weapon and we will not build one, but we will defend ourselves against any aggression, whether by the US or the Zionist regime, with the same level (of force)”(Source).

There was absolutely no mention in Khameni’s speech quoted by Fars of attacks in either India or Baghdad. Iran’s Supreme Leader is merely warning potential aggressors that they will meet stiff resistance.

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