Mar 23

Pizzas from Hell in a Flaming Dumpster

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet and truthful in the sensing.

Here on Animal Farm, there are pigs, there are the feral outriders, there are the Mason Verger, accelerated, pig operatives of the Smithfield variety. Variety can be the spice of life, depending on the chef, or even if there is one, because; ‘here’s those hog nostrils, Visible, sliced real thin, just the way you like ‘em’, like prosciutto for your Pizza from Hell, . Yeah, wafer thin Visible, almost like you, in real life. Of course, you prefer rapier thin, doncha cuz?

Deed I do, deed I do but I ain’t deeding it over to you; sides, the Vis doesn’t eat pork for various reasons. He knows ein wenig about reincarnation and also doesn’t want certain qualities in his composite.

Yes, there are all sorts of pigs, which means there are pig Hermes, like this delightful porcine journalista. Yes, Michael Ledeen’s buttbuddy, is still stoking the coals for his own baby back ribs, all you can eat special. How dark is my dungeon? How green was my valley? We’ll be using human pins down at the bowling alley, “smoking them here Boss”, ‘snorting them here Boss’.

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to decide whether to be man or pig. In Kali Yuga there are a surprising number that will opt for the latter. They want that Jacob Frank thing. They want those franks on the bun, with all the nasty things that making laws and sausages have in common, especially if you happen to be common and not special and elite.

An argument can be made for asking how is it all that different from eating goats (symbol alert!) instead of pigs? Well, I don’t eat goats either so, that would be my response. I also don’t eat carpaccio, anymore than I eat prosciutto. Yeah, I know what those things are, I’m a cook, as opposed to a chef, because they lost me at nouvelle cuisine, or maybe even before, with all the strange sauces; not to mention basic ingredients from the gitgo. We’re all about putting the gitgo in your Gitmo around these parts.

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