Mar 26

The ‘Pressure Cooker’ tactics – A Glimpse Into Israeli Psychosis

By Gilad Atzmon

The  Israeli Ynet (Hebrew edition) published a few hours ago an interview with retired Israeli police  commissioner,  Major General Assaf Hefetz.  Hefez is highly critical of the French police’s recent operation in Toulouse. According to the Israeli Major General, the French waited for too long (32 hours). He contends that the  French police should have been more assertive and far more aggressive.  I hope that you have a hard stomach to read how Israel would handle a similar situation.

They should have implemented the ‘pressure cooker tactics’ says Hefetz-

“massive fire at the walls of the house, throwing  grenades around the building followed by bulldozer  erasure of the building walls till the suspect turns himself.”

Frightening isn’t it? Welcome to occupied Palestine. It seems as if Major General Hefetz came short of suggesting to evacuate the city and to nuke the neighborhood.



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