Apr 14

Bad Spaghetti-O’s, Bad Poetry and Tribe Slime Culture.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It’s not the easiest job in the world, juggling the viewpoints, opinions and beliefs of a large number of individuals. The people who come around here are mostly pretty well informed about a lot of things. Sometimes, it’s just information without much practical use. Sometimes it’s practical. What’s practical for one person is not necessarily practical for all. We’ve got different goals, different needs. Some of us are on different rays and different imperatives apply. Most all of us have two hands and two feet. Most of us have a brain and a heart but our objectives can vary widely. Some of us have families and children. Some of us don’t and both sides may well be very content with what they do have, without that reflecting negatively on either. It just makes their circumstances different and affects their priorities.

Some people get really out there with fears and expectations. Things like this always make me think of “the best laid plans of mice and men”. Given that the cosmos has a deep sense of humor and irony, I always think there will be some glaring hole in the plans and preparations that don’t reveal themselves until further down the road. The corruption just gets worse and worse. Somehow people have gotten the impression that the Afghanistan conflict has ended. This is because they announced it ending two years from now but it’s not ending. Nobody knows where it ‘s all headed from here, except The Shadow ‘and’ the thing The Shadow gets its existence from, as a result of blocking the light. News like this is proliferating like deranged multipliers out of The Sorcerers Apprentice. You can’t go to any local or national news, without hearing about shootouts, car chases, spree killings and all the colorful pressure response reactions that are the confetti and wind torn bunting of The Kali Yuga. Everybody wants to get their licks in. Things that shouldn’t have happened are allowed to happen, against all odds in (dis)respect of the criminal justice system, which now exists to give all criminals latitude and license, especially if they are well-heeled shitheels. Tribe slime, like Michael Bloomberg and Little Georgie Sorrows, are plotting and planning the trepanning of the human race, which has apparently been lost, ever since it was turned into a three-legged potato sack jaunt.

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