Apr 17

GMO Takedown

By Jack Adam Weber / Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

If you have not noticed, a revolution is underway! Our high-tech rifles, horses, catapults and cannons are the internet, petitions, rallies, protests, and other acts of civil disobedience. We are using our passionate hearts and community networking, our growing activism, intelligence, and courage to take claim of our liberties. The core of this revolution is the same force at work in revolutions past: the heart’s innate desire for freedom, justice, and unhampered joy. Yours, mine, all of our hearts.

Since my passion is healthcare and holistic medicine, which derives its power, protocols, and principles from nature, and specifically the integrity and vitality of natural products, I will share with you what I consider the most crucial aspects of our relationship to GMO, biotechnology, and organic foods—the crux of our new global healthcare crisis.

The Biotech companies are very focused. However deranged, they execute their plans to a tee. They rely on us to be divided to stay in business, to grow, to spread their disease upon the Earth. In the words of Dr. Mercola:

“Sheer ignorance on the part of American consumers has allowed Monsanto and other biotech companies to saturate the market with their genetically altered wares.”

- Dr. Mercola

In addition to ignorance, I would add other qualities. Monsanto relies on our laziness, our disenchantment and dispassion. They count on our clinging to comforts, which they and their cronies in crime have sold to us through other channels of disingenuous business and disempowering, brainwashing media. They rely on our overall weakness of mind, heart, and will. With the added lack of education about GMOs, no wonder we are in this hole. But the tides are shifting. People are waking up now. People like you. We need as many as we can because we can only get out together. So, in order to survive what has divided us, ironically we are going to have to come together to survive, and soon. It’s time to get out, and to get out we not only need the information, but the guts to step-by-step shift the balance. It’s happening and we now need to step it up.

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