Apr 01

How Wall Street Manipulates and Manufactures Atrocities

Case Study: Thai Police Politically Exploit Death of Italian Journalist

By Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
Activist Post

Dees Illustration

An attempted color revolution backed by Wall Street unfolded in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010, leaving 91 dead. Since then, Wall Street as well as its proxies inside of Thailand have attempted to blame all 91 deaths on the Thai military despite overwhelming evidence proving armed militants were involved in the protests — this foreshadowed the techniques now being used on a larger scale in Syria.

High profile deaths including those of foreign journalists caught in the crossfire have become political points of leverage for Wall Street’s media machine (a technique also reused in Syria) and their Thai proxy, billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra. Unfortunately the same craven political stunt employed at the expense of fallen Reuters journalist Hiro Muramoto who was killed during the April 10, 2010 night ambush of Thai troops, is now being used regarding the death of an Italian journalist by the Thai police currently headed by Thaksin Shinawatra’s own brother-in-law.

Police General Priewpan Damapong was appointed as head of Thailand’s police shortly after Thaksin’s own sister took office last July, with much support from Wall Street & London and demonstrating a breathtaking display of third-world nepotism. Damapong, it should be noted, also just recently, and very eagerly, backed claims by both the US and Israel regarding the false flag Bangkok bombing pinned on Iran – illustrating just how interconnected these geopolitical ploys are regardless of geographic distance.

Claims regarding “new evidence” that Italian journalist Fabio Polenghi was killed by a high-velocity bullet during 2010’s unrest, and not an M-79 grenade as previously thought, and therefore “clearly” implicating government troops, echos of similar claims by Thaksin’s associates in regards to Muramoto’s death and conveniently ignores the fact that both government troops and Thaksin’s militants employed not only assault rifles firing high velocity bullets, but both fielded weapons that fired the exact same 5.56mm rounds claimed by Thaksin and his opposition to only have been used by government troops.

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