Apr 13

New microchip for smartphones to provide unprecedented ultra-precise location data

By Madison Ruppert / Editor of End the Lie

The Broadcom Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, recently unveiled a brand new microchip for smartphones which will provide ultra-precise location details, potentially even within a few centimeters, far beyond what current smartphones can detect.Today cell phones, but smartphones in particular, have become one of the most powerful surveillance tools available with Carrier IQ, citizen spying applications distributed by both the private sector and government agencies, techniques to encourage citizen spying, and a total lack of privacy.

The new chip, called Broadcom 4752 or BCM4752, will relay information about the vertical and horizontal position, if the individual is indoors or out, all through combining a wide variety of information sources.

It is loaded with sensors which can draw data from global navigation satellites, which is common in many modern smartphones, along with cell phone towers, wireless hotspots, gyroscopic information, data from the phone’s accelerometer, step counters and even altimeters.

Combining all of this information will allow for location data which is unprecedented in its preciseness, raising the potential of even more powerful surveillance via smartphones.

Technology Review points out that that in our radio-frequency-dense modern world – which is only becoming increasingly saturated with electromagnetic radiation with smart meters and near ubiquitous wireless internet, not to mention cell phone radiation – more location data will be made available to manufacturers of mobile devices thus making location-based services even more refined.

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