Apr 21

OK2BME, like, Totally, in Sticky Wicket Township

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be free of politically correct rhinoplasty.

We all want a better world, except for those who think this is one, or for those whose version of a better world involves the modern equivalent of foot-binding, under the disclaimer of freedom. A lot of things that are going on purport to seek and provide greater liberty, freedom and joy, by promoting very minor elements of the culture, into the forefront of concern, to the disadvantage of everyone else. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s understood that some ages are more impressionable and if you want to control a culture, you have to take control of the children, since you already have control of the adults kinda, sorta but not in the same way. A serious researching of that site, noting all of the elements from the texting friendly typeset name, to the broader vision and present state of expression; utilizing a forensic lens, at the hands of an objective and impartial mind, reveals a lot of interesting dynamics.

Communism in all of it’s horrible works, from The Bolshevik Revolution to Pol Pot, came about through the efforts of the same people, pushing the multicultural, politically correct water buffalo through the China shop of our collective harmony and well being. This is inarguable. What might be arguable is why and to what end? They say that the normal human IQ is 100. That’s the ‘mean’, so to speak. Of course, you have to factor in that normal is no longer normal in an overall sense. It’s in transition and it’s also in therapy. There’s good therapy and bad therapy and in Kali Yuga you get more of the latter than the former. You get more bad leaders, more bad or not fully competent masters.

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