Apr 13

RealTime JIM STONE – FAKE QUAKE IN MEXICO ON APR 11-[date was changed on his website.]

by Jim Stone – Freelance Journalist

CBS reported THIS QUAKE In Mexico city, only problem is, it was a drill, no quake happened. I got video of the drill, in anticipation of them triggering a phony quake, and nothing at all happened

I had just sat down with my laptop to go online when the staff in the coffee shop said there was an earthquake drill and told everyone to leave. I pulled out my pocket camera, and took a video of the event. That video is below. No buildings swayed and nothing was felt at all. The ENTIRE CBS report is B.S. Clearly B.S? CBS, anyway, one thing important to note is that the article does not state a time the quake happened. Whatever happened to the “when”? It states a time the article was published, but within the article there is no time for the actual quake stated

What’s worse is that the USGS reported it as real

I think they are testing the water to see what level of lie they can get away with, in preparation for a false flag event blamed on another “earthquake.” Absolutely NOTHING happened in Mexico City, and any report that buildings swayed is an outright lie. It did not happen, and I was ALL OVER the last one within minutes, which DID happen.

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