Apr 13

The Truth About Kony 2012: JPMorgan Paid for Stop Kony Movie? Not Exactly True

by Scott Creighton

Did JP Morgan directly finance the making of the Stop Kony 2012 video put out by Invisible Children this year? Though it seems like a tasty morsel of a news scoop and JP Morgan Chase certainly has reason to want the U.S. to send in troops to roam around in Africa helping them out with various investment difficulties, the fact is, the truth behind the accusation is a little more hazy than some would have you believe.

JP Morgan Chase has a lot invested in Uganda and Sudan, specifically, they have a lot to lose if the PetroChina pipeline stops transporting natural resources from newly developed “South Sudan” (created by the Nato countries and the Bush/Cheney regime to hijack huge oil fields in the southern part of Sudan).

You see, JP Morgan Chase holds over a billion dollars worth of PetroChina’s stock which they refuse to divest in even though their own investors seem to want them to.

PetroChina is the company that owns the oil pipeline that I wrote about a while ago when talking about this issue and George Clooney’s fake charitable cause (which by no coincidence, is garnering a lot of attention at the same time Kony is, and he too is openly calling for U.S. military intervention in Africa)

Truth is, PetroChina is a massive multinational corporation. They’re listed in 6th place on the Global 2000 (Forbes’ largest 2000 publicly owned companies) just below companies like General Electric, Exxon, and Royal Dutch Shell. JP Morgan owns over a billion dollars worth of their stock. JP Morgan sits atop of that same list. To give you an idea of how big PetroChina is, Walmart is listed at number 18.

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