May 14

Abbotbad Raid: Publicity Stunt Says Senior Pakistani Intelligence Official

Via Shamireaders

Based on a supposed Pakistani intelligence officer’s interview with a blog ,the story debunking the so called charade of assassination of Osama bin Laden has been circulating .It makes interesting reading and quite plausible too .With PaK/US marriage of convenience gone sour, more lurid truths will come out .

When the charade was played out I had described its as another conspiracy quoting from past examples ie even 911.

I had also circulated Osama Bin Laden Is Dead – Again! by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

I had also mentioned in my article quite some time ago that Benazir had told BBC that Ben Laden was dead, perhaps in Tora Bora (which probably means Thora Bhura ie somewhat white, mountain?)

Recently I had again circulated a note basically to counter US propaganda done through Washington’s trumpets in India who are invited to USA for seminars and briefing etc. They are quite well known and are trotted up by India’s corporate channels and websites etc

Exclusive: Pakistani Intelligence Official Discusses the Abbottabad Raid

Terminal X Director and Chief Intelligence Analyst Zaki Khalid conducted a one-on-one private discussion with a senior Pakistani intelligence official whose identity is being kept anonymous keeping in view the discretion polices of the forum. Questions and queries were posed which were focused on the incidents related to the US Navy SEAL raid on Abbottabad last year and the recent developments in its context. TX makes it clear that the views expressed by the official may not necessarily reflect those of Pakistan’s intelligence directorate.


ZK: The White House on May 2, 2011 held an emergency press conference in which it was announced that Osama bin Laden was gunned-down at a compound in Abbottabad right near Pakistan Military Academy. How far is this claim true?

Official: Not the least bit. Why would they ‘re-kill’ a man who already passed away years ago.

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