May 04

Eat Drink and be Wary

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

We’ve been coming across things like this that is also mirrored in other places and certainly more places than I have seen. I hear tell it’s an internet hoax; one of those consummations devoutly to be wished but too good to be true. Still, ‘something like that’ has to happen. One thing for sure, they are jumping ship in free fall panic numbers. Something is up and if it’s not good for them it can only be very good for us. Anything that harms, retards or screws up the operations of bankers is good for us;with the exception of when their greed provokes them into serious mistakes and they take it out on us.

I don’t want to talk about bankers today, that is more the province of the other blogs, which have increasingly bled over into this one and shouldn’t. I feel more like talking about diets and disciplines; seeing as that has been being discussed in the comments section lately. I’m no expert at either one but I can talk about what I have experienced on my way, to the point,where I find myself talking about it today. I’ll simply mention what I have noticed, what’s been effective and what kind of results I’ve gotten.

Americans have the most expensive piss in the world. They take the most do nothing vitamins that don’t assimilate, or they take them wrong, not with their food, often with their morning coffee and often enough with their morning coffee,while driving to their commitments, in some anonymous cubicle or corner office, overlooking the inevitable inferno to come and indifferent to the inferno within. Well, they are somewhat aware of that but it remains mostly background noise until it turns into significant pain.

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