May 26

The Sun is Shining on Morph City After All

The Sun is Shining on Morph City After All

Have you noticed that you may be becoming somehow invisible?

That the Matrix is becoming more and more physical and sort of entity like?

There’s an explanation. It´s the shifting energy of the Sun.

That’s one of the reasons they are chemtraiing the zap out of it.

The 1st of May experience:


The last week of April I was more or less going nutty over people that bumped into me in the streets. I live in a small seaside city town which is rather touristy. They would come out of stores right into me or just walking down the street would bump into me.

Had to make my way down the streets very alert and sort of mambo through them, and I´m not an elegant dancer. In fact I look like a coach roach on a dance floor with heavy DC current running through me. Not pretty.

It went on for three days so I decided that I wouldn’t dodge the confrontation and didn’t mambo.


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