May 09

Tony Blair – The Return of the Prodigal Son

By T Stokes

The Biblical story at Luke 15:11:32 tells us of a wastrel son who wanders off, realises his sins and then returns home broken and penitent.

The news that Tony Blair is preparing to re-enter British politics, tells us a great deal about the current situation in the British Labour party. The ruling party leader, Ed Milliband denied his own brother the chance to gain the Labour leadership, and as a foreign Jew parachuted into place is viewed by many with some suspicion.

Nonetheless, its worth remembering that each time a political party gets into power in Britain it’s not because the public want them, but rather because they are desperate to get the incumbents out. In the most recent elections 70% of the electorate did not vote and of those who did many wrote the names of fictional characters on their ballot papers.

This mounting cynicism over the political process amounts to the public’s recognition, if only subliminally, that the game is rigged and far from being “free and fair” elections are in effect a loaded dice.

Doubts about the integrity of the political process have been growing ever since Labour Party leader John Smith, known as “The Prime Minister who never was”, died suddenly on May 12th 1994.

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  1. kevin fielding

    a very interesting point here, that both John Smith and Robin Cook were advised to walk in the Scottish highlands, lets hope Ed Millipede gets the same advice….

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