Jun 08

Why I shall now die for a Free and Independent England

By Mike James in GermanyIt is happening more quickly than I anticipated.

On 27 May 2012, I informed my chief public servant, my nominal slave, David Cameron, that I would commence a hunger strike to enforce the overwhelming desires of my own people, more especially the Freeborn English, as a means of demonstrating to this mere third-rate butler the decades-long cries of my own folk for a referendum by October 30 at the latest as to whether or not my people wish to remain within the illegal, unlawful and undemocratic Soviet European Union.

No response.

This gentleman, the First Minister of the British Crown, a corrupt entity that serves only to guarantee and protect the integrity of a small parasitic state-within-a-state subsection of my nation, has, for reasons known only to himself, refused to comply with my demands as a Freeborn Englishman to obey my injunction for such a referendum. This insolent and disobedient man, ostensibly elected to serve my own people, has not found it within himself to reply to his Master by either post or e-mail.

I have been advised by many to live and fight another day. But I know fine well that the likes of Clegg, Cameron, Miliband and all the Fabianist leaders of Britain’s official system parties, including the entire Royal Family, are members of “Common Purpose”, a pro-Soviet EU synthesis of Socialism and Corporate-Fascism.



I love my nation, England. I am prepared to fight and die for my people. I would willingly put my very life on the line to save one indigenous Englishman or Englishwoman from harm’s way. Whether Geordies, Yorkies, Lankies, Brummies, Scousers, Cornies, Avonites, Home Counties’ Toffs and aristocrats, they are my people. We disagree. I have had some of them beat the shit out of me and vice versa. But I love the bastards.

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