Jul 01

BBC to make ‘conspiracy’ program about Olympics

Checkout this video just made by Paul Joseph Watson (a UK rep of Alex Jones’ ‘Prison Planet)  http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=51588   about how the BBC is trying to rope him into participating in a new ‘conspiracy’ program about the London Olympics.

My article ‘Israeli Terror Threat to London Olympics’ went up on the Truthseeker on the 28th, then the BBC’s decision to make this program seems to have been made IMMEDIATELY after that – with PJW putting up this video about it on the 30th.

About four minutes into PJW’s video, he relates the BBC attempting to cajole him – saying that they had the likes of Ian Crane and Tony Farrell on board, and ‘if we could have you too that would be the icing on the cake.’

NO WAY have either of these gentlemen agreed to participate in a BBC program. (I phoned Tony Farrell up just to check).

In other words the BEEB is lying yet again.

The BBC will no doubt have its own hired stooges to appear on its programs. It evidently wants to have Ian Crane, Tony Farrell and PJW – but, it can’t have them, owing to its persistent reputation for outright and unbridled mendacity in putting the official government’s view and trashing any ‘outsiders.’

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