Jul 07

These Things too are for the Purpose of Demonstration.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your nose always be cold and wet.

Well, let’s see, there’s this, to the eternal shame of the good old boys, who are making food out of other people’s families and there’s this which is an ‘in praise of’ article that probably goes into the academic curriculum and compares with what you might see when other people talk about their forebears like Washington and Jefferson. As was pointed out yesterday, you can’t say certain things, unless you happen to be one of the people you can’t say certain things about. This is how you get the people who were behind 9/11 being on the receiving end of preferential treatment, which was the intention when they orchestrated that attack on the United States.

Today is the anniversary of the ICTS associated attack on the London Tube in 2005. They were running security at all the 9/11 airports. They were running security at the London Tube. They were also in place at The Madrid Train Station when that got bombed. Good luck finding links on the internet placing ICTS there. That’s been well scrubbed. The sheer weight of associations between Israel and just about every terror act in recent decades is inarguable. If you’ve got a couple of hours you’ll find lots of heartwarming copy here.

At the London Tube, the claim was made that young Muslims with backpacks filled with explosives were responsible. No one saw this actually happen and the explosions came from beneath the floor of the cars, not in the carriage. So, apparently they magically slipped on to the tracks, under the cars and attached the bombs underneath the cars and then magically slipped back up on to the landing. Well, of course they did. The press, which you can’t say they control, but which informed sources prove they do control, said so.

Why can’t you say certain things? Do I really have to ask that question?

America had it’s first black president with Bill Clinton, a white man. Then it had it’s first Jewish president, Bwak! Obama, a black man. Who has controlled Homeland Security, of which the TSA is a subsidiary, since it’s inception …and who sits on the controlling congressional committees? Need I answer that?

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