Aug 08

Another ‘Green-on-Blue’ Attack on Another Bloody Day

While the world’s media is largely focused on the London Olympics, the casualties mount in Afghanistan.

On the morning of the day British athletes won a record number of Olympic gold medals, a pre-dawn remote-controlled explosion killed nine civilians in a minibus on the outskirts of the capital Kabul

A few hours later a French soldier and 10 Taliban fighters were killed in an early morning shootout following an ambush in Kapisa province, near Kabul.

Later on Tuesday a powerful truck bomb exploded at a NATO military base some 70 kilometres south of Kabul, amid growing signs that the conflict is spreading to areas in and around the Afghan capital.

Afghan police said at least 17 civilians and three soldiers were wounded in the blast.

“I was on my way to school when there was suddenly a huge explosion which knocked me down,” schoolboy Samiullah said at the scene.

“I saw thick smoke and flames rising from the inside of this camp,” he told reporters.

Meanwhile in the latest ‘green on blue’ attack – where Afghan Army personnel turn their weapons on their supposed allies – two men wearing Afghan Army uniforms killed an American soldier.



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