Aug 19

Propaganda and the World War

By Kevin Field

Since posting some true facts about Hitler from the files of British intelligence last week I have been inundated with requests for more and many questions, so let me give a few small pointers for the record and say that I have no axe to grind, just the desire before I pass on to give some truth in an area ridden with deep and dark lies.

So herewith a few brief pointers:

1. Believe nothing you read in the press; newspapers and the media in general are a tool to promote hatred and war, both world wars and the coming one would not have happened without a controlled press. Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch etc are both instruments of darkness that want to destroy you and plunder your country. Moreover, the BBC has long been used for the dissemination of lies, do not watch the TV news.

2. British intelligence covers a wide field from left-wingers to right-wingers and every shade in between, but its policies are controlled and run by Israel, as is France Germany and the USA. The wars your country fights are not for you, nor to rid the world of Weapons of Mass Destruction or for democracy or because Napoleon, Saddham Hussein, Gaddafi, Oama bin Laden or Hitler was out to get you but to sell weapons to both sides and so weaken both through war.

3. I spent some time reading the old 6 x 4 intelligence index record cards, before they were weeded and destroyed under orders from Lord Rothschild. A colleague and I kept back many of these and the truth of the so called Holocaust is contained in a bulging briefcase to be released after our death, some of this is known already, courtesy David Irving, Ernst Zundel and others.

Bishop Williamson, had access to the closed Vatican library and read through statements of Catholic priests in the camps and visiting priests, along with actual letters from the period and he knows the whole holocaust story is a web of twisted lies.



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