Aug 12

Sowing the Seeds For World War III

As explained elsewhere, according to a very reliable clairvoyant friend Iran already has nuclear weapons but even if the corporate media knows – and some within the media-intelligence complex may well be privy to this – they are not publicising it.
Instead and for the foreseeable future the media will feed the public articles like the ones below. Speculating on Iran’s efforts “to develop nuclear weapons” these articles and others like them are intended to pave the way for a military strike on the Islamic Republic.
The first article is based on the widely held but entirely false assumption that possession of nuclear weapons will somehow render Iran invulnerable to a military strike.
Of course it won’t. It will do no more than deter a conventional military campaign but it won’t stop a full-on first strike with multiple nuclear warheads, which is what is being planned.
But to do this a false flag is first required to open the way for a nuclear strike on Iran. The following is intended to help pave the way for this.
The media will be full of similar articles about Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons in the coming weeks. So that readers will have been programmed to think “Iran” if a nuclear device detonates, on reflex and purely by association.

NIE: Iran approaching immunity zone

Ronen Bergman – YNet News August 10, 2012

As the debate over a possible strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities grows, it seems that is possible that such a move would be ineffective.

According to a Friday report by Yedioth Ahronoth, top US officials, who are privy to the relevant intelligence shared by Israel and the United States, said that Tehran is rapidly approaching the “immunity zone” – the critical point in time after which the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program will no longer be vulnerable to a military strike.

The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report, recently submitted to the White House, paints a bleak picture, as it indicates “a significant progress” in Iran‘s “arms group” – the people and facilities focused on the manufacturing of a nuclear warhead.



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