Oct 06

Dark Hearts not on the Mend

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

As has been noticed here, or mentioned here, or whatever it is that goes on around here, sex is the basic dynamic of existence. It operates on all kinds of levels, from the mindless, rutting plane, of undisciplined focus, to the sublimated states, where higher consciousness, magic, the muses, the archetypes and all the most desirable conditions are made available. You can channel this force in two basic directions but… since this is Kali Yuga, it is generally going down and out, into the chaos of the times and the chaos of the individual lives. Mr Apocalypse is doing some very interesting things with the sex force in these times. We all know how thoroughly corrupt the official pervs are in the government agencies around the world. It’s pretty much ubiquitous, no matter where you go. The judiciary and the police ranks are riddled with characters like this and they are there for the specific reason of enforcing on the one hand and letting slide on the other.

A couple of decades ago, Penthouse had an article about judges, focusing on the East Coast and principally the Boston area. There was one high sitting judge. High sitting means rank wise. I think he was a superior court judge. When he was sentencing people, he used to do it with a vibrating dildo up his ass because he was getting a real charge out of the process. Yeah, there are people like this. Sometimes, albeit rarely, there are cool judges like Jack Warden in “And Justice for All”. (momentary digression. I don’t think a lot of people saw “Any Given Sunday“. It was a fantastic film and if you like football you will really like this). The present day world is riddled with cockroaches, shit flies, mosquitoes, rats and assorted unpleasant vermin, who thrive and flourish, in times like these.

Most people have some idea about Satanism. Some of us have studied it in depth. One of the primary requirements, if you are downwardly mobile, is the violation of innocence. This is the point of all the child abuse and ancillary activities. You might look at Satanism as a sort of ‘wrong way runway’. This is where you hear about reciting things from the Bible backwards and wearing crosses upside down and also engaging in what some might call perversions of the natural, sexual dynamic. These days, a lot of those practices are seen as normal; more than normal, actually, with natural, increasingly being given the perception of not being normal. This is because the point is to turn as much of the population, as possible, into the same thing as they are. You have to be dumber than stupid not to see all of the cultural manipulations taking place at every level, from the push to change the status of the laws as they were, to the agenda of the entertainment world and the subtle and less than subtle, incrementally digressive, tom foolery of the advertising sector. You’ll have to factor in what’s been happening to the educational system and the environment of the campuses, from elementary school to the colleges. Teachers and professors, are selectively hired for their slavish, dickweed allegiance to political correctness; these dark hearts not on the mend.



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