Oct 25

Papa’s Delicate Condition and the Funhouse of Complexity

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well my friends, it appears that Mr. Apocalypse is about to start jogging, as opposed to ‘running in place’, as has been the case recently. He had been motoring along at a certain, varying pace but then we started getting that treadmill effect. I don’t know if this is some kind of requirement that is connected to setting the scenery for somewhat larger exposures or not but I do know that this does happen. Mr. Apocalypse likes a good show and recognizes the impact a good show has on the minds of those seduced into the other show; where drone attacks on sheepherders is a blow for freedom, where 3 buildings can come down at freefall, into their own footprints, and one of them not even be hit by anything, except, well, except by implanted explosives, for controlled demolition, put in place by Mossad insurgents, …where multinational corporations are like kindly old uncles, who bounce you on their knees, with a raging trouser trout, leaping in their pants. We’re supposing that is one of many addendums to “Papa’s Delicate Condition”. Of course, across the water, another Papa, Il Papa, has a different delicate condition, as do all the Bishops in red, who move only on the diagonal. This Papa’s Delicate Condition is a bit seedier, though the one condition often leads to the other. This Papa became Il Papa, precisely because he was at the center of the recent portion of a centuries long maelstrom of buggery, following one of the main precepts of Satanism, which is the corruption of innocence.

The Papa in question is, as you will know from some of the anonymous (snort) truthtellers who come around here, is the head of all The Centrally owned Jewish banks, which got handed over to him (or outright seized by him) cause he’s just so much more powerful than the poor humanitarian and philanthropic victims, who keep getting blamed for all the bad shit. As you know, “a winks as good as a nod” and ‘Beelzebub’s your uncle’. It stands to reason that Monsanto was also founded by The Catholic Church. Don’t pay any attention to all of the lying lynx that show up in this posting. The Pope makes me do this stuff, or maybe it’s The British Parliament, if one considers, as Winston Churchill once said, The English Navy was founded on “rum, buggery and the lash”. Since the Catholic Church appears to have been founded on the same things, it stands to reason that The English Navy owns the Catholic Church, only because The Catholic Church predates The English Navy by a considerable length of time. I’m sure everyone can see the logic of this. These days there are all sorts of people saying that Winston Churchill didn’t say this. They are joined by a large and dissonant choir that sings repetitive rounds about no one having done or said anything, except for, “It was probably The Muslims”.

I’m glad we are getting around to the bottom of things here. It’s usually at the bottom where you find all the callypigian items …all those firm, round bottoms that seem to be the focus of a whole bunch of focus groups, with wide angles lenses in their eye sockets. We’re all about firm, rounded bottoms here and we hold with Archimedes that if we had a lever big enough, ‘we could move any bottom on the planet’ and keep it moving in a rhythmic, undulating fashion, cause they like it and they made us do it. Yes precious, they did. We’re not responsible for anything we do. It’s bad old Mr. Satan’s fault but the good news is that all we have to do is believe we are saved and we are, no more of that working out your own salvation through fear and trembling. You can find out about all kinds of things through the Bible’s Most Puzzling Verses. Of course, The Bible’s Most Puzzling Verses, would be those verses that conflict with dogma and cant; the sorts of things that give Fundies, ‘Hives and Shingles’, which is the spiritual version of Chutes and Ladders. ‘Here is the church is and here is the steeple, now open your hands to hoodwink the people’.



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