Oct 09

The Spell Is Broken


Something is changing. It’s barely perceptible but a momentous change is occurring in the attitudes and perception of many around us.

It would be wrong to say that the power of those in authority is broken. But the illusion upon which their power rests is fading.

This has been illustrated by an email sent to us from an anonymous source. It concerns Tony Farrell, the former chief intelligence officer for South Yorkshire Police who was sacked after he publicly announced that 9/11 and 7/7 were acts of state terror carried out by covert elements in U.S., British and Israeli intelligence.

In other words, he said that the idea that Islamic radicals were behind these terror attacks was simply a ruse. According to Farrell, the real perpetrators were elements within the ‘security services’ who were supposedly protecting us from this alleged terror threat.

Given that Farrell had publicly expressed such views and lost his job in consequence, one would think that he might be cold-shouldered by his former colleagues.

Quite the reverse was true however, and it is this along with other recent developments that lead us to believe that the tide might be turning.

Here’s Tony Farrell’s account of what happened:

At 5pm on Sunday 30th September 2012, I pressed the button of a door outside Digbeth Police Station in Birmingham as the building was closed to the public. Over the phone system, I spoke to an operative and told them I was presenting myself for arrest under Section 15 iii of the Terrorism Act 2000. The operative took some details and told me to wait for assistance. Within 5 minutes, three police cars pulled up outside and five uniformed police got out of their vehicles.



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