Nov 10

Demented Peacocks and Shooting Gallery Jack in the Boxes

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet, or I’ll get suspicious (grin).

I can’t mention Mr. Apocalypse often enough for my tastes. He’s putting his back into it! He’s rowing with a will and hammering on the waters of substance and experience. Yowsah! Oorah! Marines don’t leave Marines behind, or is it, Marine don’t mess with Marines behinds? I can’t get it straight, probably because I am straight, though somewhat bent, by my continuing adjustments to the world, as well as my need to apologize over and over for not being Politically Correct, which invariably gives me the dry heaves; not the apology but the Political Correctness.

There’s several, interesting things taking place. They are all connected behind the scenes. The pedophilia exposures, are dovetailing with an international awareness of the rank odor of Banker Nation’s interference in domestic affairs and elections throughout The West and maybe everywhere. It is as if, all on it’s own, a clear perception is emerging about civilizations most diabolical enemy. That’s Mr. Apocalypse folks. He’s not just hammering on the waters of substance and experience. He’s hammering on consciousness and comprehension as well. Don’t think that those in the cross-hairs of the lenses of exposure don’t know about all of this, they do. One might call it almost an animal instinct for pending retribution. It pings on the survival zone, of those for whom material culture, is the be all and end all. Of course, this kind of mindset accounts for all the success on that plane. Whatever you are fully committed to, you succeed at, within the dimensions of the demographic and… given what the archetypal reactions to that particular dance might be.

Let us consider the material world, which most of the people who come here, already recognize as a stage and that we are all players “having our exits and entrances” (scanning… scanning… for errors that a 7th grader wouldn’t make. C’mon Visible, get it together!). Yes, most of us know that, “all the world’s a stage”. What we sometimes might not know, is that there are boundaries to the perimeters, which are manned by archetypes, who maintain a particular consistency within the geometrical and geographical limitations of the landscape. You can think of these archetypes, as polarities that act upon each other and may at times, resolve into yet another one, from across and between the poles. They are vibrating verities that maintain the conditions of the moment, through all moments that we have. Our ability to recognize the ceaseless interplay, has a great deal to do with whether we succeed in life or fail, according to the true measure of success. It’s ain’t what it’s generally presented as. The usual route of misinterpretation, of what is real, usually results in spectacular failure, or simple generic failure because the usual state of common humanity is a blue plate special of skewed values, which are grafted on to their awareness, by the world that chews them up and spits them out.



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