Nov 04


Chris Johns believes that his two brothers were murdered – for trying to expose the massive paedophile ring linked to former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

Adrian Johns, 32, died in an arson attack before he had a chance to give a statement.

Leander Johns, 34, was found dead in mysterious ­circumstances, during the trial of one of his abusers, John Allen.

Labour MP Tom Watson, who spoke out against the same paedophile ring in Parliament, has said that he is afraid for his safety.

Daily Star – Paedo scandal covered up

The Dutroux gang supplied girls to the elite, to be tortured and murdered.

Chris Johns says he had underage sex with a high court judge.

Chris Johns says he was raped by a police officer.

The Daily Star investigation suggests that those who could be implicated include: at least one Tory lord, various political figures including a Conservative MP, a major showbiz star, and an agent to a world-famous singer.

The well protected pedophile ring reportedly covered Wales, London and other parts of Britain.

Chris Johns refers to the pedophile John Allen, who ran children’s homes across North Wales.

In 1992, Adrian Johns, who had been at the Bryn Alyn home, told Allen by saying he was going to tell all if Allen did not give him financial compensation.

On 17 April 1992, Adrian was killed in an arson attack.

Leander Johns survived the same arson attack after jumping to safety.

In 1995 both Chris and Leander Johns gave evidence against Allen during a trial.



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