Nov 26

Stop Me, Before I write about the Same Thing Again

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Every now and then; well, actually several times on each and every day, you run across individuals (and groups as well), hopefully at a distance, who epitomize the very worst expressions, of what are definitely not human beings …but which attempt to pass for one. Such an example can be found here, in a location where a great many similar, cretinous and poisonous snakes can be found, any time the doors are open for business. This individual, whose components can be found on the bottom of your shoe, should you be inattentive, while walking through a dog run in any urban park, looks like what he is; a real life slime ball of gargantuan proportions. This crocodile swine should be publicly guillotined on some Fox network, reality show. People should print out this photo and get creative with it. This photo needs to be circulated. It needs to be printed on rolls of toilet paper and dispensed from holders in the House of Lords. These are the privileged elite, ‘to the manor born’, they should be stripped naked and whipped down the streets of London, on their way to a memorial lamppost, there to be displayed for public viewing, hanging there till they rot and the stink wafts for blocks, exemplifying the stench they carried with them through their life. Oh right, the guillotine.

Here’s why we are afflicted with these types in these times. Who could imagine a Harvard Law Professor putting the word ‘asshole’ in the title of a book? Who could imagine him quoting Kant and Rousseau at the same time, in a book entitled “Assholes, a Theory”. Anyone missing the irony here is probably unfamiliar with the works of these authors. I’ll leave the uncanny inclusion of Hobbs for the entertainment of any of our resident pseudo-intellectuals. Speaking of assholes, how about this grand prize winner? How come he didn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize?

Back in the day, I used to fantasize about my Playboy interview. This is back when I still thought I had a shot at some kind of routine celebrity and I would think about the clever, insightful and controversial things I could say. It was not a large jump from there to getting the Nobel Prize for literature. To show you how dense I was at the time, I thought that prize was a distinct honor. Now, as the years have passed and one asshole after another got a Nobel Prize, many of which were slanted to Tribe members in pursuit of legitimacy; a goal that will never be attained, I view all of these things differently. Ignominy awaits these miscreants and big changes are in the wind and here’s a second wind on that. Apparently Obama has tumbled to the reality of his pending assassination, at the hands of those who killed Kennedy and also did 9/11, among all kinds of other things. I use this particular link, out of all of those available because of the entertaining commentary in the thread. These things have all been made possible by the abject stupidity, greed and capacity for mindless frenzy on the part of the Mr. Potatohead contingent, proliferating through western culture, which by this time should be on a glass slide, or in a Petri Dish and… what do you know? Here we are. Well, it’s not all bad news; next paragraph-



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