Dec 01

Chocolate pudding? You’ll have to show ID! Tesco asks 24-year-old for ID ‘because he could burn himself on dessert’

If you’re lucky enough to look about 18, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to provide ID at the supermarket to buy alcohol, knives or glue.

Now an addition has been made to that list of potentially hazardous items – chocolate pudding.

Robert Nemeti was amazed when he was asked for ID while buying a microwaveable pudding at Tesco.

Proof is in the pudding: Shopper Robert Nemeti was stunned when he was asked for ID as the dessert posed a risk to the roof of his mouth

Mr Nemeti, 24, was going through the self-service checkout when an on-screen warning announced that his purchase had to be ‘approved’.

A member of staff at the store in Southampton hurried over and asked Mr Nemeti to produce identification.

When asked why, the female assistant told him that the Cadbury Hot Chocolate Pudding would get hot when cooked and may burn him.

Mr Nemeti, a photographer, yesterday described the policy as ‘crazy’ health and safety.



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