Dec 15


Sandy Hook Elementary School Children escorted by police in Newtown, CT

Barack Obama vows to pursue gun measures in wake of latest massacre

Speaking to a nation raw from its latest mass shooting, US President Barack Obama (SIC) vowed on Wednesday to pursue “common-sense” measures to make sure mentally unbalanced people cannot get their hands on guns.



CCW COMMENT: Nobody knows if the shooter was “mentally unbalanced” or if he was a Manchurian-CIA wind-up mind control unit. If you’re an astute observer, every mass shooting has followed the same MO. We’re told the shooter committed suicide. If the truth be known, most likely the shooter was taken-out by his handler. Dead men don’t testify.


Carl F. Worden

If you haven’t had a chance to see Obama’s latest theatrical performance when he gave a speech about the school shooting in Connecticut, be sure to pay attention if they replay it, because Obama kept wiping the corners of his eyes as if he had actual tears there, but his eyes were bone dry.  There wasn’t even the glint of a tear!

I have written it before:  Barack Obama is a solid-gold sociopath who lacks the capacity for true compassion and sympathy, but like every other sociopath I’ve ever come across, he learned at an early age to hide it because society has no tolerance for it.  Obama showed his cards another time when he made remarks about the four people killed in Banghazi, Libya.  In that comment, he said that the loss of the ambassador and three other brave and abandoned Americans was not, “optimal”.  Now I can think of any number of ways to express my outrage at four Americans being killed by crazed Muslims, but I doubt most of us would come up with the words, “It wasn’t optimal”.  You’d think the jackass was talking about a mediocre golf shot.

No, what you saw or will see is a would-be dictator who was laying the groundwork for some kind of semi-automatic weapon ban or ammunition ban that he plans to accomplish with an Executive Order that could take months or years to overturn.  What Obama does not know is that Americans will defy such an order and they will kill anyone who comes to take them.

Don’t even think about it, Obama, unless you want to see Syria play out on the streets of America.  That would literally be the last straw.


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  1. rollsthepaul

    There have been 15 mass murder events in 2012 in the USA. There is a focused effort to take the guns of citizens, justified by multiple slaying events, orchestrated by the government. They know how to mind control the weak minded to carry out these atrocities. The liar in chief is coming for your guns because you are too well armed to wipe out easily. Will you oppose intelligently or go out in a stream of bullets from the mind controlled military and police? Your call. Many will just surrender their guns peacefully because they are scared. Most are still asleep and can’t believe the government would murder their children to justify taking their guns. They may never catch on and many would go crazy if they did.

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