Dec 07

Droit de Seigneur in Last Gasp Country

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It’s not necessary to link any one of the many, totally bullshit, Crass Media stories about Syria, supposedly arming missiles with chemical weapons to use on their own people. All this has come about because of the near total ownership of the Crass Media, by the ZioNAZI-Ogre and their near total control of the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Defense. Obviously there are dark and damning video and voice recordings of Hilarious Clinton and Leon Panetta. It is possible that Hilarious’s doggie style diplomacy, is accented by the endemic corruptions of Wild Bill Clinton …but we have to assume she’s been mainlining many and varied, toxic corruptions on her own as well.

Big oil and Big banking are behind all of the genocide and mass murder of recent times. That’s the tie-in to the destruction of every nation that wanted to shift trading in dollars to other currencies, or wanted to set up their own currencies and banks, instead of using a Rothschild bank. It’s obvious how good it is for the welfare of a country when they go after The Central Banks or kick out the oligarchs; witness Iceland and Russia. You may be sure that there are any number of behind the scenes transitions, under consideration around the world. Mr. Apocalypse is working on all of this as well.

The pedophilia department at Mr. Apocalypse LTD, is working over time on the skells at the BBC and sundry locations. Now we learn just a little more about Satanist Jimmy Wales and The Synagogue of Satan. At the beginning of the video, doesn’t it look and sound like the fellow doing the reporting is sitting on the toilet? No reflection on the cat. We all got to go sometime. It’s probably not the case but the sound effects are impressive.



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