Dec 31

Elite-Backed Sterilization “Safaris” Meet With Growing Resistance

By Jurriaan Maessen | ExplosiveReports.Com

The Telegraph out of Calcutta India reports that resistance grows in India’s rural areas to a government scheme deploying sterilization vans.

Deputy director of India’s Health Department’s family planning division Subodh Jaiswal said that women in rural Bihar “are very conservative and it is difficult to convince them to take part in a sterilisation programme.”

The article mentions that the department launched a mobile sterilization van “to promote sterilisation for women in Patna district.” Jaiswal stated that “only 200 women have been sterilised through this project.”

“Bihar”, the article goes on to say, “needs rigorous family planning measures to check the unbridled growth of the population.”

“(…) women in rural parts of the state are very conservative. To convince them of our sterilisation programme was very challenging.”, Jaiswal said.

“The van has two nurses who administer the process. They try to convince women who have at least one child to opt for the sterilisation.”

According to the officials, the mobile sterilization van was part of a government scheme attempting to “motivate female sterilization”. They admitted that the project has failed miserably because of “conservative” sentiments among women.

“There has been a sharp decline in the number of people who availed of the scheme in the last fiscal.”, they told the Telegraph.



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