Dec 28

fire fighter temporal marker…..

By Clif High | Half Past Human

with respect….

12/27/2012 Update: i have been holding off until certain, but we have now passed the 58% value (our ‘certainty’ factor for fulfillment) on the temporal marker mentioned, as ‘queens exposed’. It was the 3d (3 queens) queen of the slaves of britain ‘exposure’ that was the temporal marker. Language is now reached our level of surety and will not be tracked further.

Now we await the ‘failure of surety’…the last of the three mentioned temporal markers. This could be related to the drama around the bush era taxes, and/or the milk prices, but the next temporal marker is the last before the first significant run up in silver prices (and other things a bunch more nasty).


A major temporal marker on the way to rapid silver price escalation may be in the process of manifesting. As noted in the wujo discussions, the ‘fire fighter’ temporal marker was the next anticipated major milestone. It may be that the ‘calpers retirement fund’, which has the fire fighter component at its core, is manifesting the discussed temporal marker currently as it has filed a ‘criminal’ complaint alledging ‘fraud’ against San Bernadino in a ‘sham’ bankruptcy case.

The quoted terms were within the top level of support for the [fire fighters fight] temporal marker discussed a few weeks back. If this is the leading edge of this meme, then we can expect a bit of repetition of the idea of ‘fire fighters’ arising within media for a few weeks.

There are also some minor temporal markers in this same vein that are fulfilling now, so our confidence level in the CalPers association to the ‘fire fighter’ component of the language is increasing.

Just a quick note to acknowledge this (may be manifesting) significant temporal marker.



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