Dec 11


The Syrian-Iranian-Palestinian WAR has nothing to do with the yuppie term “interventions” – anyone including all the nations involved that continue to use this limp-wristed terminology needs to be severely and publicly lashed for it! The term “NO FLY-ZONES” also needs to meet with a similar fate as well: “No Fly-Zones” amount to sanctioned and protected war-making. THIS TOO is just another way to justify illegal PREMPTIVE STRIKES undercover of another false-flag attack.

Why the hell have so many players chosen to use these deceptive terms? That’s butt simple: They are terrified of using the real terms that involve “WAR, GENOCIDE and GLOBAL-SLAUGHTER to precisely define what they really mean, which will bring on a Third World War.

We have been here before; in Iraq and in Libya and in both of these PRE-EMPTIVE and massively illegal INVASIONS – we LIED. The military-industrial-congressional and prison complex, globally-profited, and millions of people needlessly-died in what Kissinger created in the 1970s. Zionist-Kissinger convinced the US shadow-government to invade Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia along with Chile and East Timor to nakedly steal wealth and fake-power, while slaughtering millions in their own countries. That has brought the world to THIS—and this must end or there will be a Third World War. (1)

This tip-toe dancing surrounding Syria is OBSCENE. Anyone that knows anything at all about war or global-power KNOWS about the PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION being played out AGAIN in the Middle-East.



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  1. Ron

    Happy greetings,
    and thank you for being here!

    Do not despair brothers and sisters, sharing our experiences and knowledge is revealing the true Nation States and more people are coming to realize governments are lying to them.

    LOVE & Peace

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