Dec 08

US warning on Syrian chemical weapons

The mainstream Western media played a crucial role in paving the way for the the invasion of Iraq. Numerous articles speculating about Saddam’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ persuaded the public that something had to be done about a threat that could be deployed in “45 minutes”.

Even though no WMD were ever found little has changed and Western politicians and their quisling media are now repeating the same act with Syria.

Friday’s Financial Times is an example. Under the headline: ‘US warning on Syrian chemical weapons’ the FT notes:

The US has evidence that the Syrian government is considering using chemical weapons in its war with rebel forces, defence secretary Leon Panetta said on Thursday in the starkest warning yet by the Obama administration about the escalating conflict.

Mr Panetta said the US was “very concerned” that government forces would use chemical weapons as the opposition makes gains around Damascus. “The intelligence that we have raises serious concerns that this is being considered,” he said.

Panetta offered no evidence to substantiate the claim and the FT obligingly didn’t bother to ask why. Nowhere in the entire report does the FT even attempt to corroborate the U.S. Secretary of Defense.

If the FT was engaged in real journalism it would have inquired as to the nature of the ‘intelligence’ upon which Panetta based his statement. Instead it simply repeats Panetta’s words without question, as any official spokesperson would.

As Russia Today has reported, and as the Financial Times pointedly omits to mention, speculation in the Western media that Assad “may be planning to use chemical weapons” has raised fears that this may be used as a pretext for Western intervention in Syria.

“Chemical weapons” are an old favourite with the West as an alleged reason for military action. We heard similar claims about Saddam Hussein’s notorious chemical weapons laboratories, when Colin Powell appeared before the United Nations with a model vial of Anthrax, similar he claimed to those made in Saddam’s chemical weapons laboratories.


Bill Bard says:

We don’t trust the MSM anyway, so it’s probably all BOLLOCKS.

Steve Says…

Yeah… same ol same ol… cause they’re running out of ideas

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