Jan 17

Michael Shrimpton Exposes Ted Heath (and others)

What David Icke has said for 15 years about paedophile and child killing Prime Minister Ted Heath is supported here by barrister Michael Shrimpton, an Intelligence and national security consultant and former immigration judge, from his own contacts and experience.

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  1. dayzero

    Great site here, i just need to make a comment. .

    Re David Icke . . . yes, he was right about that. So were other people.
    Problem is that Icke also has a lot of very mixed up ideas, like the idea that the moon is a fake alien machine . . and . . sheesh . . . so much of his writing is just a jarble jumble of mangled and recycled woo . . . . and he has a hell of a lot of acolytes, who buy a hell of a lot of tickets, and who, underestandably, want to defend their demagogue and leader. HIs material is extremely patchy and unhelpful, and pretty low level new agery for most people who have not fallen headfirst into the Icke-ery, and who have been analysing and researching the woo and occult scene for years.
    Like fans of Jonesey, people say . . ‘But he woke me up!’ . . .
    Now, make sure youve woken up into the right place, and stay awake on your own,
    and without a handrail, i say.
    Gatekeepers totally suck, I say. All of them.
    Like it or not, Icke is an entertainer. He gives good stage and screen. Hes a pro.
    Im not saying hes a shill, or that he espouses Bailey and a loose theosophical outlook [which he does], but I am saying that if he’s the best that people can point to . . . then the royals may as well be lizard people. Icke seems to me to be as ‘old paradigm’ as the old paradigm he has been fighting all these years. Good on him, but he’s an oddball, comes accross to me as manipulative and defensive in interviews, and the modulation of his voice, to me, contains a strange and dangerous tension, He has done rather well out of it all. People like me have to say, ‘no, not like David Icke’, when I raise any of these things with newbies, or my family for example. It doesnt help, and never did. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

    David Icke – get on your knees!

    Just had to get that off me chest.

    Like the site, though, as i say.

    Thanks and regards.

  2. Steve

    Hi dayzero,

    Thanks for your comment. I think perhaps the message is more important to focus on than the messenger. For a good overall explanation of just about the truth of the matter I think you wouldn’t do much better than listening to/ watching this video…
    Michael Tsarion – The Destruction of Atlantis

    Have Fun

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