Jan 23

On the Plains of Armageddon, with the Battle already Won

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Satanism and their, principally Judaic adherents, along with the Gentile Goblin Armies, operating as ‘submissive bottoms’, is the number one enemy and operative problem impacting on us all. How they go about some of their mendacious activities is diagrammed by the perspicacious Baby Sue. Then there is the out and out declarations of correlative things and it even manages to find it’s way onto the Witch Queen‘s TV Show so… probably something to it. We’ll visit a confession from the same site; why not? Of course, the media is rife with this sort of thing; nearly all media is an aspect of the hydra headed Bitch Media (Medea?)

I could put link after link after link up and never be able to include more than a small portion of what has been illustrated, testified to, speculated on and proven as well. Of course, we don’t want to turn over our focus, for any amount of real time, to this ugly remnant of a departing age. We want to walk on the sunny side of the street. We like rainbows and the promise they imply. We don’t gather in the shadows, in hope of the blooming of poisonous Nightshade; metaphorically speaking.

This departing age was never a pleasant place to be, although any number of good karma lives took place in it. Overall it has been a playing field of torture and torment. Like everything, except, perhaps for Love and the attendant virtues, ‘all things must pass’. These things are passing and the evidence of that is their being forced out into the daylight. Though a conscious avatar is on the way, one can also say that The Internet is an avatar. It amuses me to witness the frustrations of the evil doers, as they plot and scheme, to control or destroy it, when they are so incredibly bound to it for profit, which they are loath to let go of. They are like the monkey, who won’t let go of the mango in the clay pot. This will cost the monkey his life.

The internet is laden with fruit, like some massive tree, the like of which we have never seen in Nature. Yet people refuse to avail themselves of the explanations and evidence of anything they might question the existence of. I still, frequently, hear from people wanting proof from me about certain things, having studiously avoided the provided links, which already answer their questions. Failing that, they only have to employ a search engine. Some people mystify me. Someone very close to me, now believes that there have been some truly monstrous, historical lies but… does not want to hear about them and has real trouble with resentment …because I have brought these things to that person’s attention. The truth can make people both fearful and then angry and what are you to do when you have no enduring existence outside of the truth …and when you are compelled to tell it …because this is your essential employment …and no resistance or potential threat is allowed to influence you, regardless of the cost?



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