Jan 03

RealTime Jim Stone – Superintendent shutters “Narrows school” due to bat man reference

by Jim Stone Freelance Journalist, [no date]

A school superintendent shut down his school because it was referenced along with Sandy Hook in the same bat man movie, and he believed that made it a strong possibility that another staged school shooting would happen there. The info on this is really sparse right now, but I have seen references that the actual school is on the map in the bat man movie.

This really bodes well for us, I’d call it a victory won. There is something spurious about this that is unconfirmed – that there may have been a date set and the superintendent learned the date and shuttered the school. From the way things are going, this appears to be what actually happened.

This is the e-mail that notified me of this:

From Martin

Narrows High School matches Dark Knight Rises Gotham Map for Narrows. The location for Strike Zone 2 has been identified! It’s the Narrows High School in Virginia. The superintendent has closed the school district in an emergency announcement…

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