Jan 11

RealTime Sandy Hook – James Tracy on KPFA’s Guns and Butter[audio]

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by James Tracy

“Sandy Hook: Unanswered Questions” with Professor James F. Tracy. Discrepancies in media coverage; coroner’s press conference; political fallout. Link to Jan. 9 Entry in KPFA Archive

Download this clip here(mp3, 10.27 megabytes)

From article comments:


January 10, 2013 at 12:29 am November 23, 2012 I learned after calling and speaking with Gregory Medek and his wife Rena in Aurora Colorado that their daughter Micayla’s coffin was empty. Rena wanted to know “Where are they?” so I assume other people reported to have been killed are missing and the Aurora police are hiding that information. Micayla’s funeral was attended by 1200 people including police chief Dan Oats and Gov. John Hickenlooper. I have spoken with relatives of six of the twelve people reported as killed. Bodies were not returned to families. People are missing not dead.

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