Jan 04

Will the Bavar 373 Bring the End of the American Empire?

By Rixon Stewart

As short-lived as it may prove to be, the American empire could well meet its match in Iran and by way of that country’s air defences.

Iran’s own advanced long-range air defence system is still under development but if it’s all it’s claimed to be it could ultimately prove to be the weapon that spells the end of America’s imperial designs.

Work on the Bavar 373 (Belief 373) began when problems arose with the delivery of Russia’s S-300 system. Although the S-300 deal was originally signed in 2007, Russia failed to deliver the system and finally cancelled the sale in 2010, following pressure from the U.S. and Israel.

Nonetheless, Russia had trained Iranian crews to operate the system and despite reports that Iran had acquired a number of S-300’s from other sources, work on the Bavar 373’s development continued.

No doubt America and Israel have both been watching with concern, given Iranian claims that the Bavar 373 is ‘superior’ to the S-300, which is considered to be a ‘game-changing’ weapon in itself.

As well as unveiling a medium range air defence system, the Raad last September, Iran also paraded a tactical truck designed for the Bavar 373 (See video below).



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