Feb 04

4 Fast Food Ingredients Way Worse than Horsemeat

By Anthony Gucciardi

As you’re likely aware, Burger King UK recently admitted that its famous fast food symbol the Whopper (and its other burgers) were actually made using horsemeat. In an admission that came just hours after denying the presence of horsemeat in the burgers, the secret ingredient has been broadcast on media stations worldwide as a breaking news piece. But what about the ingredients we knowexist in many fast food creations and are actually far more concerning?

The fact that Burger King products contain horsemeat and the company denied the link to consumers before being forced to admit it due to DNA evidence reveals a few different things. First of all, it sheds even more light on how fast food eaters truly have no idea what they’re eating — a revelation that will be further revealed by exposing the known chemicals in these products. Secondly, it shows that Burger King either:

  • Possibility A: Genuinely does not care about consumers and has denied the existence of horsemeat in their products as to not incite profit loss and media turmoil.
  • Possibility B: Burger King genuinely has no idea what its own products contain. Whether it be horsemeat or other ingredients, they are honestly clueless.

It is debatable which of these possible scenarios is worse, however they both are concerning. Especially when you know what Burger King is telling you about. And that leads to the third thing that the horsemeat revelation tells us: considering the highly toxic chemicals and other admitted ingredients inside fast food products, a lack of true ingredients listing may mean an even more disturbing list of additives. As for what we do know, however, here are 4 fast food ingredients that are way worse than horsemeat:



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