Feb 27

Contemplating the Dark Underbelly of the Empire

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Patrick Willis has redone one of my poems and it dovetails perfectly with one last Bon Voyage for my dear and departed friend, Neil Rogers. Here it is for your perusal.)

Several people have invited me to come to the United States, given that I will be relocating somewhere in 3 to 4 months. There are many reasons why this is impossible. It’s not the health care system that dissuades me but the Satanic minds and intentions behind that and so many other things. It’s the mindset that does things like this and things like this; not to mention the callous brutality of law enforcement. I tend to get into trouble in the United States, given the things I say on stage and elsewhere. I have a direct karmic link to revolutionary America, I saw all kinds of confirmation of that during my early acid trips. Europe is a much easier gig for me. The police are sane and helpful and the crime level (where I am) is non existent. I’m sure you can find a different climate in some of the big cities but I don’t live in big cities and have no plans to start doing so.

Things are going radically wrong in the United States. The country is owned from top to bottom by a small cabal of Zionist psychopaths and Satanists and there is no difference between the two. I’m actually using a gentile as an example. There are some. I’m assuming that Michael Rivero wrote this but there’s no author’s name attached. The dark underbelly of the empire is in torment from the heartburn of the homeless (did I just say that?). There’s reality and there is that misshapen abortion that people like this present to us as reality. The ancient lampreys have got their hooks into the vitals of the country and they intend to suck it dry, whilst building concentration camps and death chambers for the unwilling. Will the cosmos permit this? That’s a very good question. In times past, it was the hallmark of The Kali Yuga to permit all sorts of noxious activity …because Kali Yuga is the resolution period for all the karma that didn’t get resolved in former times and it is also a time when evil is allowed to flourish and prosper; just as it does now. Are we on the doorstep of a golden age? That is the consideration upon which hinges the quality and kind of all our fates.



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