May 14

Talking about The Black Window Spider Family and Sundry

Dog Poet Transmitting……..

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Let’s start off today testing your gag reflex, as you peruse this bit of fellatio, being performed by the media, which is wholly owned by those who dispense these hum jobs on themselves. Here we see a registered and labeled, cold blooded psychopath, being given the Disney/Norman Rockwell treatment. They just love to transfer those skills they practice in The Valley, for profit, into the area where they practice another kind of pornographic, pubic relations. Speaking of pornographic events, practiced on your unwilling posteriors and trembling Jello minds, here’s another gorge raising event brought to you by the same people WHO ALSO destroyed the previous structures that used to occupy that space. Yes, it can’t be said too often; Israel AND the world wide Satanic Zionist Conspiracy to enslave and/or destroy humanity, with the assistance of bought off politicians, corrupt intelligence services AND- the stupidest general population that has ever lumbered mindlessly, across a poisoned and plasticized landscape, in concert and cooperation with each other, attacked the United States on 9/11. The same players also did 7/7 and The Madrid Train station bombings… all these locations were guarded by the same Israeli Security company, whose job it was to facilitate the carnage, in honor of whatever bloodthirsty demon they were making the living sacrifices to. Behind all these actions, lies The Black Widow Spider Family, the arch Satanic bloodline present on the planet today; that would be The Rothschilds. There you have it in plain, daylight style. Believe it or not …it’s your call. Embracing a lie puts you into the same pending destiny-environment of that lie. Cutting a lie loose …well, you do the math.

You know, I believe I will say it again; Israel, The World Wide Zionist, Anti-Human Conspiracy and assorted shit golems, did 9/11, under orders from The Rothschilds. Hmmm, you know what? I think I will say it again, this time in all caps. ISRAEL, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF VARIOUS NIMRODS, UNDER ORDERS FROM THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY DID 9/11. Let’s retroactively put that in Bold type, yeah, lets.



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