Jun 07

Payback and Push Back from the Lip of the Crypt.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The weather here has been delightful and experiences attendant, insightful; except when they are not (grin). The world, this blue planet in green trim, rotates and is rubbed against by large bodies of influence, which counterpoint and oppose, in a prediction dance, of what the commonplace WILL DO and then, of course, there’s you. Are you predictable? Going along with the program are we or… not? Aye, there’s the rub (grin). In respect of that just said, things just rumble and mumble on. The same, sad efforts to plunge us all into chaos continue. The same presumptuous, mealy mouthed, platitudes continue, to dissemble and fall, into the minds of the left behinds, for whom, a great many books have been written. These sad deluded dupes, mindlessly support those who are gnawing away at the supporting structures of all their cant, dogma and society, like termites with a single purpose; the rape and destruction of the west and… after that? Who knows?

It’s still Spring and speaking of a young man’s fancy (which we were not) and dupes having their culture and religion morphed into a new twist, on Tales of the Crypt, ‘my love’s like a black, black hole that’s newly sprung in June. My love is like cacophony and does not know the tune (to paraphrase Robert Burns). So we get a deluge of things like this and also like this, which celebrate diversity (rhymes with perversity). Now, this author and many people, aren’t all that jacked up about this kind of thing, until… until it becomes the daily fodder, injected into this Wonder Bread culture, of all that is right und richtig (while being nowhere close). It is injected into this culture, through the mass media, which it took control of for that very purpose; the purpose to which it is applied by the day …and easy to see and diagnose, given that you possess a mind and know how to use it. They gained control of the media and many other things, by first gaining control of the currency printing mechanisms; money to burn baby, your money. Because of this being in place and taking place, things like this have become commonplace. On the one hand, Jason Collins gets his life saving merit badge, while feral pigs, gone native from Animal Farm, prepare to snort and root at will. That brief bio tells you all you want to know about the economic mess, Bwak! Obama and the criminal elite that he serves.



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